Autumn Leaves

How to master the bebop language and create your own language? Follow these 5 steps when you practice:

  1. Play the example provided below as a pdf part, transposed for your instrument. You can use the track I recorded to play along with me or play on your own using the play along track. You might have to jump up or down an octave to play in a comfortable register on your instrument. Be sure to pay special attention to the feel and timing of your playing.

  2. Choose your favorite fragments of the solo example. Write them down or remember them.

  3. Every time you practice this jazz-standard, play only these fragments and litterally the same.

  4. If you master this, try to incorporate these fragments in the rest of your improvisation. Feel free to vary the fragment. Stretch it up, make it shorter, or vary rhythmically.

  5. Develop your own ideas with the standard licks of “talking bebop”.

Good luck and happy practicing. Enjoy exploring your inner music!

Explanation of the improvisation


Sheet music

In this file you will find the sheet music of the example improvisation, transposed for your instrument

Play along track Autumn Leaves 116 BPM

You can practice this solo yourself by using this 2 chorus play along track

Great recordings of this song

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