Jazz Standard Library - Exercises - 1. So What


Here you can download all the mp3 tracks you need for this chapter!



Practice the D-minor dorian scale. For B flat instruments this is E-minor dorian, for E flat instruments it is B-minor dorian. First play the scale from bottom to top and back. Preferably over the entire range of your instrument. Use a track. Then you will learn to play in a constant tempo and get maximum control over the scale.



Now try playing musical melodies and motifs with the D-minor dorian scale. If you use a play-along track, try to make up words and sentences using the notes from the scale. To make it sound like a musical sentence, you prefer not to play everything at the same volume. Also build in rests and use different rhythms.



Please, use the same tracks as in exercise 1



Practice the arpeggio of Dm7. For B flat instruments this is Em7, for E flat instruments Bm7. First play the notes in order. If you master this, play the arpeggio notes interchangeably, across the entire range of your instrument.



Practice the basic chromatic lick on Dm7. For B flat instruments this is Em7 and for E flat instruments it is Bm7.



Practice the three ways: dorian scale, arpeggio and basic chromatic lick. Try to come up with fun melodies and musical motifs. Pay attention to the coherence of the motifs you play. Also pay attention to alternating rhythms and using rests in your improvisation.


Do all exercises 1-5 for Dm7 now for Ebm7. For B flat instruments this is Fmi7, for E flat instruments it is Cmi7.



Improvise over both chords again and play sentences of 4 bars. If you have the tendency to get lost, use the basic rhythm of four-bar phrasing. Force yourself to play this boring rhythm literally first. If necessary, you always play the same note. Only start varying it once you can play the basic rhythm by heart. Leave out a note, start with an upbeat or use other rhythms. Keep hearing the basic rhythm in your head as you vary. If you start to wander, coach yourself back. It is a great help if you record yourself with your phone. You can also first write down a number of variations on music paper.


Improvise over the whole form of So What. Try to incorporate the elements you have practiced into your solo, but above all, enjoy playing without thinking too much. Have fun!

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